Kortney Lapeyrolerie (she/they) – Greenville, SC

Prism Doula Services

Kortney Lapeyrolerie is the founder of the Queer Doula Network and a birth worker based in Greenville, SC.

Their mission is to help clients feel empowered at any stage of decision making around reproductive health, labor, and early infant care. They established Prism Doula Services specifically with marginalized communities in mind.


Destinee Washington (she/her) – Charlotte, NC

Desi doula

Desi Doula seeks to support all individuals experiencing the wonderful adventure that is birth and postpartum. Due to Covid-19 she is currently focusing on postpartum and newborn care to offer customized, quality care after birth. Assisting in scheduling, feeding, light household chores, self and care knowledge and sleep management.


Melinda Graham (she/they) – Charlotte, NC

MPowered Souls

As a Postpartum/Abortion Doula, it is Melinda Graham’s goal to provide support and education to fully support whatever their needs maybe whether postpartum or pre-, during, and post abortion. Allowing their clients to feel empowered and confident in all of their decisions is a main goal of their services.


Hannah Espinoza (she/her) – DFW Metroplex/ Denton, TX

Hannah Espinoza Doula Services

Hannah Espinoza is currently in training to get her certification as a postpartum and birth doula through Childbirth International!⠀⠀

After the out-of-hospital birth of her son in May, she felt a calling to support other life-givers through the sacred and miraculous process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She had an amazing birth, but a rough postpartum period, and she wants to support others as they walk through that difficult and rewarding journey.

She offers inclusive, loving, and holistic postpartum and birth services to those in the DFW metroplex. She intends on being a full-spectrum doula, and will support all paths through pregnancy, for all who are pregnant.


Mel Kennedy (they/them)Gainesville, Virginia

The Garden Reprodutive Health LLC

Mel became interested in doula work because of the strength of the advocacy role: it’s deeply important to them that their clients have access to meaningful information so that they can make the best choices for themselves. As a member of multiple marginalized communities, it is especially important to Mel to serve as a liaison between community members and the medical establishment, to facilitate communication and improve collaboration.

As a queer birth worker, they emphasize the respectful treatment of all birthing parents – they meet their clients where they are with non-gendered language, an open heart, and a smile.
Mel is a Certifed Birth and Postpartum Doula with BAI, a Certified Lactation Counselor with ALPP, a Childbirth Educator, and a student midwife with National Midwifery Institute.


Jenna Brown (they/them/he/him) – Austin, TX

Love Over Fear Wellness and Birth

As your doula Jenna Brown wants to support and nourish you, so that you can:

1) Practice radical self-awareness.

2) Ask for what you need.

3) Set boundaries.

Who here doesn’t need a little more of all of that in their life? That’s why they’re passionate about being your doula for more than just birth.

In addition to serving individuals and families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, they also work with people who are pre-conception, planning adoption, accessing abortion, and experiencing loss. If it’s related to reproductive justice and family-building – you name it, they’re here for it.

They are also excited to bring the doula model of care to their queer and trans community members who are coming out, or transitioning socially and/or medically. 

They use a special combination of education, advocacy, embodied practice, self-exploration, friendship, laughter, and trust with all of their clients, regardless of the transition they are experiencing.

Some of what they provide is practical – they will make it easier for you to sift through all of the information and misinformation that is out there, to navigate conversations with your care provider and/or family and community, and to meet the responsibilities of your day-to- day. Much of what they do is more subtle; they encourage you remember to trust your intuition above all else in a culture that’s constantly trying to distract you from it. 


Cio Ramirez (she/her) – Columbus, GA

Birth Doula Services

Cio Ramirez is a birth doula training through DONA. She’s also currently continuing her education to train as an RN. 

Cio is married to a supportive husband, and has 10 children ranging from toddler to college age.


Candice (she/her/they)Atlanta, GA

Serene Labors

Candice provides holistic support to persons that are pregnant or want to become pregnant. She offers support through pregnancy, labor, and limited postpartum services.


Moss Froom (they/them) – Baltimore, MD

Moss Froom, Trans-Centered Doula

Moss is a non-binary doula offering full spectrum trans-centered doula services in Baltimore, DC, and the DMV.

They provide support and advocacy for queer and trans families through all of their experiences surrounding pregnancy including pre-natal, labor and birth, postpartum, fertility, pregnancy loss, and abortion.

Moss was inspired to work as a doula as they watched many members of their trans and queer community fight to be respected and adequately cared for by their own medical providers in the highly gendered world of pregnancy-related care. In their practice as a trans-centered doula, they are committed to providing support and advocacy to trans and queer people as they navigate the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences.


Mystique Hargrove (she/her/they/them) – Greensboro, NC

The Black Birth Healer

Creator and Founder, Mystique, holds a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling as well as certifications in Holistic Wellness Counseling, Lactation and Childbirth Education, Reiki I and II, and Marriage and Family Counseling. She holds years of experience with instructing birth work and postpartum wellness, holistic healing, and herbal medicine.

Coming from over decades of generations with a family made up of healers and advocates, Mystique created her services in the loving memory of her abuelita, Olivia, who was also known as “Mother Canada.” The ancestral healing practices and rituals taught to her as a child provided such a rich and liberated passion that was destined to aligned her to assist and serve those in need.

Mystique is currently a PhD student for Counselor Education and Supervision as she wants to provide a circle of love, support, education, empowerment and awareness to tap into the inner (healthier) warrior from within for all Black and Brown bodies from marginalized populations, focusing mainly in the LGBTQ+ communities.


Kyla Bowles (she/her) – Amarillo, TX

Gentle Hands Doula Services

Kyla provides prenatal and birth services for parents in the Amarillo, TX area.

She provides at least two prenatal visits, provides labor support, and will provide postpartum follow up as needed.


Kathleen (she/her) – Washington, DC

Your Baby Butler

Kathleen provides overnight care, newborn care classes and gentle sleep training. She works with families in feeding choices (breastfeeding/chestfeeding, induced lactation, bottle feeding).


Jess Aquino (she/her) – Centreville, VA

Down to Birth Doula

Jess Aquino is a birth doula in the DMV! She provides labor support, prenatal visits, postpartum visits, birth photography/maternity shoots/newborn shoots as well as lessons about baby wearing!


Annie Rosenblum (they/she) – Gainesville, FL

Annie the Doula

Annie Rosenblum (they/she) is a queer doula located in Florida. Since writing their undergraduate thesis on the pregnancy and birth experiences of transgender men, Annie has been determined to acquire the skills necessary to provide comprehensive and compassionate birth care for ALL parents, particularly LGBTQIA+ parents. They attended their first (amazing) birth in October 2019 and are excited to attend many, many more. They are certified through DONA International and offer full-spectrum doula support (before, during, and after birth) on a flexible sliding scale.


Stephi Anderson (she/her) – Houston, TX

FAMILY PREP with Stephi, LLC

Stephi Anderson is a queer-centered doula in the Greater Houston area. She is also a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and all types of loving families. From planning to pregnancy to birth and parenting, she is there to support and celebrate families that break the mold. She provides birth, postpartum, childbirth education and fertility services, as well as customized, seamless doula support for all the ways queer families grow.


Alexis “Lexi” Brannon (she/her) – Columbia, SC

Doula Alexis Brannon

Alexis Brannon is a queer doula serving Columbia, South Carolina offering comfort and care to those experiencing pregnancy, birth, loss, and more.


Kelsey (she/her) – Washington, DC

Rainbow Doula DC

Kelsey is a DONA trained doula in Washington, DC, working in birth, postpartum, and postoperative services for gender-affirming surgeries. She is passionate about trauma-informed care and patient advocacy.

Kelsey created Rainbow Doula DC because she knows that not all birthing persons connect to pregnancy language that is typically found throughout the birth experience; she wanted to focus on creating a culture of respect to foster the best birth experience possible for every birthing person.


Peace and Serenity Partners in Parenting LLC – NC

Peace and Serenity Partners in Parenting LLC is the triangle’s first Queer and Person of Color owned Doula And Nanny Agency specially designed to provide support and education for Queer and/or Colorful Families and Allies! They serve families throughout Durham, Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Hillsborough and Fayetteville areas. They pride themselves in providing support and encouragement to your family during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.


Khye Tyson (they/them) – Atlanta, GA

Kuluntu Reproductive Justice Center

The mission of Kuluntu Reproductive Justice Center is to bridge reproductive justice and reproductive health through resources, education, and support in order to strengthen the abilities of Black women, femmes, nonbinary folx, and girls to make informed and liberating decisions about their bodies, families, and lives.

Kuluntu Reproductive Justice Center is a services and events hub in Atlanta that serves to support Black women, femmes, nonbinary folx, and girls and their families in order for them to create and sustain a healthy and supportive community.

Kuluntu (koo-loon-too) is a Xhosa word that means “community.” Individuals and families thrive in healthy communities.


Monica Morris (she/her/they/them) – Stone Mountain, GA

ML Morris Wellness

Monica Morris offers bodywork (reiki, massage, private yoga sessions) for birth workers and parents-to-be.


Jessica Villarreal (she/her) – Fort Walton Beach, FL

Roots Radical Birthkeeping

Jessica Villarreal is a birthkeeper who loves to support birthing parents in bringing their babies earthside. She attends home births and have a passion for free birth. Her approach is one of empowering and educating the birthing family.


Kris (they/them) – Daytona Beach, FL

Nova Birth Arts

Kris is a queer, non-binary, single parenting person with two children. They began their journey as a birth worker back in 2009. They center their practice around reproductive justice and birth rights, specifically addressing the needs of LGBT+ people and other marginalized groups. Additional values they try to encompass are radical inclusivity, body literacy, autonomy, advocacy, solidarity, community, and compassion.

As a full-spectrum doula, they are passionate about expanding access to care and serving people over the course of their reproductive lives. This includes working with them through sexual health education, pre-conception and fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth, breastfeeding/chestfeeding and infant feeding, postpartum, miscarriage, planned abortion or medical termination, stillbirth, and surrogacy or adoption.


Sophia Phillips (they/she) – Asheville, NC

Lemon Blossom Birth Yoga

Sophia is a certified birth doula CD(DONA) and yoga instructor (E-RYT 230), with a bachelors in Health & Wellness + a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies from the University of North Carolina Asheville. Sophia has a background in teaching yoga for people with eating disorders, and passions for queer reproductive health + justice, HAES (health at every size), fat liberation, and guiding people towards reclaiming their relationship with movement and their bodies. They took their doula training with Chama Woydak through UNCA and quickly fell in love with studying birth and the ways in which doula’s can enhance and support birthing experiences for all. Sophia is a compassionate and loving force who believes that birth support is potent and vital. She fiercely believes in the inherent strength, power, and resilience of birthing people and feels honored to be in service to them, as pregnancy and birth is such an intimate and transformative experience.


Sachae (she/her/they/them) – Newport News, VA

Sacred Noire

Sachae strives to create a safe space for queer black and brown folx as they help them navigate the birthing world through birth and/or postpartum care.


Olivia Bivens (she/they) – Greensboro, NC

Liv Breathe Birth

Olivia Bivens provides full spectrum birth services through the reproductive justice advocacy len in Greensboro, NC.


Kayla Bitten (she/her) – Birmingham, AL

The Southern Midwife

The Southern Midwife offers full-spectrum services including: fertility, birth, bereavement, and abortion support and education.

The Southern Midwife also offers postpartum and reproductive herbal blends, classes, and workshops, and intensives for birth workers centering anti-biased, anti-racist, and comprehensive care. We serve all bodies with a cervix within Birmingham, Alabama and surrounding areas including Atlanta through comprehensive and consensual care.


Hollis Wakefield (she/her) – Dallas, TX

The NICU Doula

Hollis is a postpartum doula providing trauma-informed, evidence -based doula services to support families of all kinds through hospitalization/bed rest, life in the NICU and the transition home. She is equally passionate about working with LGBTQIA+ folx throughout their pregnancies and postpartum.  

In her work as a doula, Hollis draws upon her own experience navigating a 97-day NICU stay as a cis queer person with a non-binary spouse. In addition to helping parents advocate in various medical situations, Hollis offers extensive knowledge about exclusive pumping, cloth diapering, vegan and plant-based eating, and resilience during and after the NICU. 


Grace Mikus (she/they) – Chevy Chase, MD

Labor with Grace Birth Services

Grace is a full spectrum doula, providing (free) abortion care, and a birth doula. They provide support for all and services on a sliding scale.


Symba Luna (they/them/g) – Myrtle Beach, SC

Journey Spa

Symba is a prenatal massage therapist and newly trained Birth Doula. They have combined their massage therapy and Reiki services with their birth doula packages. They just recently finished a doula mentor ship as required by NBDA. They have created a learning tool in the form of a birth podcast called Sessions With Symba where they interview Black birthing people and use their experiences to create critical thinking questions that guide them to the best advocacy avenues that they can give future clients. They also have outlines to interview Black birth workers and other Black queer birth workers and parents.

They offer therapeutic massage, Reiki, and assisted stretching to prenatal clients based on the doula packages that they are interested in. My services are mobile to the homes of my clients and available to their family members. Journey Spa strives to create a new spa model that is affordable and accessible to Black people. They aim to inform and educate their clients pre and post pregnancy in order to achieve healthy bodies, healthy pregnancies, healthy births, and in turn healthy families.


Naamah Pinko (ze/hir/she/her) – Baltimore, MD

Euphoria in Birth

Naamah Pinko is currently training as a CAPPA Labor Doula. Ze is passionate about the most up to date science on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum and newborn stage. Hir goal is to help Birthing People examine and achieve their birth goals. Naamah is also an Abortion Doula and provides a calm, non-judgmental presence whereve ze is needed. Naamah’s services extend to the Greater Baltimore area. Ze looks forward to working with you.


Maggie Williams (she/they) – Mauldin, SC

Moonlit Magnolia Birth Services

Maggie found a passion for doula work while pregnant with her first son in 2012. Though unable to attend births in person, they supported many friends through their pregnancies and labors. Maggie attended their first birth in 2017, and then took a few years off to raise their youngest baby. In 2021 she was accepted into a full-spectrum doula course from Cornerstone Doula Trainings. She chose to certify with Cornerstone because of their values of advocacy and reproductive justice. As a doula, Maggie brings loving support to clients and their families, and a voice not afraid to speak up in their defense. They believe that all people should be honored, and their decisions respected. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ and ENM communities, I have a special place in my heart for serving others within those communities as well.


Indie Jones (she/they) – Jacksonville, FL

Indie Jones Doula Services

Indie specializes in queer and trans birth experiences.


Savannah Lamb Clark (she/they) – Clarksville, TN

Magnolia Birth Services

Savannah is a full spectrum doula with Magnolia Birth Services. She takes pride in offering non-biased, trauma-informed, evidence-based support to their clients and their families. Please feel free to check out of their website for more information on the services that they offer!


Paulina Schau (they/she) – Asheville, NC

Anam Cara Birth + Wellness

Paulina is a birth doula residing on occupied Cherokee land (presently known as Asheville, NC). They enjoy a spiritual + energetic connection with the earth and they’re happy to work with folks who are accepting + affirming of beings from all backgrounds.

Their approach is evidence-based and includes advocacy, yogic principles, and meditation. They have a great desire to bring love and healing to those they work with. They feel it is their calling to bring people together, to support, and to offer peace and calmness to otherwise high-energy situations.

Paulina loves being able to serve all families, they also have a special interest in creating affirming birth experiences for queer, non-binary, and trans birthing people, as well for as families in arrangements beyond the binary.

They have a BA in Human Relations and they’re currently working towards adopting a more trauma-informed practice by obtaining a certificate in Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies.

They hope to soon offer placenta encapsulation services, pregnancy and postpartum safe body products, and more. Please check their website for their latest offerings.


Jovan Sage (she/they) – Savannah, GA

Sage’s Circle

As a full-spectrum doula, Jovan is by your side on your journey with fertility, sex, birth and beyond. You will work together to prepare your body, mind, and spirit for transformation. They believe in everyone’s ability to guide their body, their sexuality, and to conceive and birth in a way that honors their unique journey. She is a single parent, LGBTQIA, and trans-affirming in their practice. Their current work is interwoven between alchemist + plant tender + medicine maker; guide + healing facilitator + doula.


M Hardwick (they/them) – Dallas, TX

Sunflowers and Rainbows Doula Co

M is a nonbinary, certified full-spectrum doula in the DFW metroplex that focuses on person-centered care through birth and gender transitions. They seek to work with their clients through informing, supporting, and empowering them with care for anything that comes up. M’s work focuses on making support customized and accessible for people who need it. They are trauma-informed, evidenced based, access centered, anti-racist, and gender affirming with any and all services that they provide their clients. M started this work after talking with their partner about starting a family and rediscovering a passion for this work.


Aida Stuk (she/they) – Washington, DC

Aida B Doula Care

Aida provides queer centered gender expansive doula care on Piscataway Land in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. They value consent, mutuality, and autonomy and have a passion for embodied, and healing care. Aida provides Full Spectrum Care and centers the needs and desires of who they work with in all pregnancy experiences. The part of their doula work that they are committed to is holding space for heavy things, emotional care, personal wellness, and advocacy.


Max Burrus (they/he) – Houston, TX

Maximum Doula Services

Max is an affirming birth doula who brings a unique perspective to the pregnancy and laboring experience. Their background in body work and physical therapy gives him a distinctive understanding of how to apply my skills as a doula to physiological birth. Their calming presence is reassuring to those he’s supporting, and their families. Max is passionate about empowering all pregnant and birthing people.Their strength is their adaptability; which allows them to support families in their choices.

Max is a parent to his ten year old clone, who he birthed at home. They run a suburban goat farm and have two giant fur babies that try to steal their bed. (Great Danes named Freyja and Kuma). Max enjoys dad jokes, puns, and free books. They identify as a transmasc, nonbinary human and use they/he pronouns.


Mia Sitterson (she/her) – Washington, DC

Bask & Mend

Mia Sitterson is a queer full-spectrum doula trained by Doula Trainings International (DTI) currently providing support services in the DC area. She believes that doula work is social justice work, and that everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, citizenship status, or income, is deserving of an empowering pregnancy experience. She is dedicated to serving humans at all stages of pregnancy and experiencing all pregnancy outcomes. Mia is a listener and an advocate by nature (and training) and would love to be part of your team!

When Mia is not working as a doula, she enjoys dancing, cooking, and spending as much time outside as possible. Mia is a Cuban-American, queer, and in the process of converting to Judaism. If you are looking for a doula who is gentle, empathetic, informed, dependable, and sunny, Mia might be a good fit for you.


Adryan (they/she) – Memphis, TN

Tosher’s Backyard

Adryan’s services include birth, pregnancy and postpartum support through holistic methods and homeopathic remedies. They also focus on guiding birthing people into healthy eating habits during pregnancy and chestfeeding.