Kortney Lapeyrolerie (she/her) – Greenville, SC

Prism Doula Services, LLC

Kortney Lapeyrolerie is a co-founder of the Queer Doula Network and doula based in Greenville, SC.

Her mission is to help clients feel empowered at any stage of decision making around reproductive health, labor, and early infant care. She established Prism Doula Services specifically with marginalized communities in mind.


Ashley Parks – (she/her) – Durham, NC

Bull City Psychotherapy

Ashley Parks is a co-founder of the Queer Doula Network and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate in the state of North Carolina.

She provides gender affirming individual therapy, as well as trauma treatment with a focus on interpersonal trauma.


Melinda Graham (she/her/they/them) – Charlotte, NC

MPowered Souls

As a Postpartum/Abortion Doula, it is Melinda Graham’s goal to provide support and education to fully support whatever their needs maybe whether postpartum or pre-, during, and post abortion. Allowing their clients to feel empowered and confident in all of their decisions is a main goal of their services.


Hannah Espinoza (she/her) – DFW Metroplex/ Denton, TX

Hannah Espinoza Doula Services

Hannah Espinoza is currently in training to get her certification as a postpartum and birth doula through Childbirth International!⠀⠀

After the out-of-hospital birth of her son in May, she felt a calling to support other life-givers through the sacred and miraculous process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She had an amazing birth, but a rough postpartum period, and she wants to support others as they walk through that difficult and rewarding journey.

She offers inclusive, loving, and holistic postpartum and birth services to those in the DFW metroplex. She intends on being a full-spectrum doula, and will support all paths through pregnancy, for all who are pregnant.


Mel Kennedy (she/her/they/them)Gainesville, Virginia


Mel Kennedy is proud to serve Prince William County, Virginia.

She is the Parent of two kids, Kindergarten (Delivered in Fairfax, VA) and 6th grade (Delivered in England).

She and her partner playing Dungeon and Dragons in England. They have now been together for 10 years. Their family is also graced by the four paws of feline royalty, Erebus. 

She is a reproductive advocate.
Inclusive and Affirming. 
No judgment, Evidence-based Information (given when asked), and unconditional support in your choice.

She came into this work after the birth of her first child. 
She was treated poorly and discriminated against by their Midwifery team. She was made to feel incapable of caring for her baby and bad for the way her body is. She started reading postpartum books and seeing a therapist weekly to help process everything she had been through. When she started to heal, she vowed no other person who sought her support would be made to feel that way ever! 

All Birthing Parents are to respected and treated with dignity.
Their Birth journey is Personal and Mel is here to guard that space.

Families; be they Single, Nuclear, Extended, Friends, Polycule or any other arrangement are Valid and what unites them is love.

If you do not want to move forward, she is there for you.
If you are struggling to conceive, she is equipped with resources.
If you need support to fulfill your Labor and Delivery vision, she is there with the bag!
If you are overwhelmed with the new ‘normal’ in the postpartum period, she is here to hold the baby.

Mel believes every person who wants support should have it, regardless of their financial situation.

She offers sliding scale work and know of many community resources that can help you achieve your vision.


Jenna Brown (they/them) – Austin, TX

Love Over Fear Wellness and Birth

As your doula they want to support and nourish you, so that you can:

1) Practice radical self-awareness.

2) Ask for what you need.

3) Set boundaries.

Who here doesn’t need a little more of all of that in their life? That’s why they’re passionate about being your doula for more than just birth.

In addition to serving individuals and families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, they also work with people who are pre-conception, planning adoption, accessing abortion, and experiencing loss. If it’s related to reproductive justice and family-building – you name it, they’re here for it.

They are also excited to bring the doula model of care to their queer and trans community members who are coming out, or transitioning socially and/or medically. 

They use a special combination of education, advocacy, embodied practice, self-exploration, friendship, laughter, and trust with all of their clients, regardless of the transition they are experiencing.

Some of what they provide is practical – they will make it easier for you to sift through all of the information and misinformation that is out there, to navigate conversations with your care provider and/or family and community, and to meet the responsibilities of your day-to- day. Much of what they do is more subtle; they encourage you remember to trust your intuition above all else in a culture that’s constantly trying to distract you from it. 


Rocio Perez (she/her) – Columbus, GA

Birth Doula Services

Rocio Perez is a birth doula training through DONA. She’s also currently continuing her education to train as an RN. 

Rocio is married to a supportive husband, and has 10 children ranging from toddler to college age.


Candice (she/her/they)Atlanta, GA

Serene Labors

Candice provides holistic support to persons that are pregnant or want to become pregnant. She offers support through pregnancy, labor, and limited postpartum services.


Moss Froom (they/them) – Baltimore, MD

Moss Froom, Trans-Centered Doula

Moss is a non-binary doula offering full spectrum trans-centered doula services in Baltimore, DC, and the DMV.

They provide support and advocacy for queer and trans families through all of their experiences surrounding pregnancy including pre-natal, labor and birth, postpartum, fertility, pregnancy loss, and abortion.

Moss was inspired to work as a doula as they watched many members of their trans and queer community fight to be respected and adequately cared for by their own medical providers in the highly gendered world of pregnancy-related care. In their practice as a trans-centered doula, they are committed to providing support and advocacy to trans and queer people as they navigate the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences.


Mystique Hargrove (she/her/they/them) – Greensboro, NC

The Black Birth Healer

Creator and Founder, Mystique, holds a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling as well as certifications in Holistic Wellness Counseling, Lactation and Childbirth Education, Reiki I and II, and Marriage and Family Counseling. She holds years of experience with instructing birth work and postpartum wellness, holistic healing, and herbal medicine.

Coming from over decades of generations with a family made up of healers and advocates, Mystique created her services in the loving memory of her abuelita, Olivia, who was also known as “Mother Canada.” The ancestral healing practices and rituals taught to her as a child provided such a rich and liberated passion that was destined to aligned her to assist and serve those in need.

Mystique is currently a PhD student for Counselor Education and Supervision as she wants to provide a circle of love, support, education, empowerment and awareness to tap into the inner (healthier) warrior from within for all Black and Brown bodies from marginalized populations, focusing mainly in the LGBTQ+ communities.


Kyla Bowles (she/her) – Amarillo, TX

Gentle Hands Doula Services

Kyla provides prenatal and birth services for parents in the Amarillo, TX area.

She provides at least two prenatal visits, provides labor support, and will provide postpartum follow up as needed.


Kathleen (she/her) – Washington, DC

Your Baby Butler

Kathleen provides overnight care, newborn care classes and gentle sleep training. She works with families in feeding choices (breastfeeding/chestfeeding, induced lactation, bottle feeding).


Jess Aquino (she/her) – Centreville, VA

Down to Birth Doula

Jess Aquino is a birth doula in the DMV! She provides labor support, prenatal visits, postpartum visits, birth photography/maternity shoots/newborn shoots as well as lessons about baby wearing!


Louise Avril Powers (she/her/they/them) – Rising Sun, MD

Mum Luv Support

Louise Avril Powers is a queer Doula providing affirming professional support to all families.


Stephi Anderson (she/her) – Houston, TX

FAMILY PREP with Stephi, LLC

Stephi Anderson is a queer-centered doula in the Greater Houston area. She is also a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and all types of loving families. From planning to pregnancy to birth and parenting, she is there to support and celebrate families that break the mold. She provides birth, postpartum, childbirth education and fertility services, as well as customized, seamless doula support for all the ways queer families grow.


Alexis “Lexi” Brannon (she/her) – Columbia, SC

Doula Alexis Brannon

Alexis Brannon is a queer doula serving Columbia, South Carolina offering comfort and care to those experiencing pregnancy, birth, loss, and more.


Kelsey (she/her) – Washington, DC

Rainbow Doula DC

Kelsey is a DONA trained doula in Washington, DC, working in birth, postpartum, and postoperative services for gender-affirming surgeries. She is passionate about trauma-informed care and patient advocacy.

Kelsey created Rainbow Doula DC because she knows that not all birthing persons connect to pregnancy language that is typically found throughout the birth experience; she wanted to focus on creating a culture of respect to foster the best birth experience possible for every birthing person.


Peace and Serenity Partners in Parenting LLC

Peace and Serenity Partners in Parenting LLC is the triangle’s first Queer and Person of Color owned Doula And Nanny Agency specially designed to provide support and education for Queer and/or Colorful Families and Allies! They serve families throughout Durham, Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Hillsborough and Fayetteville areas. They pride themselves in providing support and encouragement to your family during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.


Monica Morris (she/her/they/them) – Stone Mountain, GA

ML Morris Wellness

Monica Morris offers bodywork (reiki, massage, private yoga sessions) for birth workers and parents-to-be.