Vicki Bloom (she/her) – NYC and Westchester County, NY

Whole Self Doula

Vicki Bloom believes that you don’t become a different person when you become pregnant, begin labor, enter your birthing space, or bring your baby home for the first time. As your doula, Vicki takes the time to learn who you are and what will help you and your family to feel comfortable, informed, prepared, and ready to engage with your birth, both in advance and through the ever-changing moments of the birth process. She is passionate, flexible, and comforting, but also grounded, no-nonsense, and strongly evidence-based. 

Her clients come from all walks of life, but she is especially drawn to support people who can fall through the cracks of the medical system or feel unheard through the process of standardized birth, such as younger and older parents, single parents, LGBTQIA+ parents, people in non-traditional careers, families in transition, and parents of size. She also specializes in supporting alternative parents who want a professional with whom they can share their family dynamics openly, such as polyamorous families and people in power-dynamic relationships.

Vicki also provide nonjudgemental, compassionate support for clients experiencing abortion, miscarriage, and fetal loss. 


Kalayha (she/her) – Blackwood, NJ

Kalayha’s Doulavotions

Kalayha is a birth doula and soon to be postpartum doula who will give you love, loyalty, and enthusiasm during your birth!


Sierra Holland (she/her) – Somerville, MA

All Bodies Birth

Sierra Holland walks alongside people at every stage of the reproductive journey. She specializes in helping queer, trans, and nb people build their families through fertility planning and cycle wellness, evidence-based birth education, trauma-informed labor support, compassionate fourth trimester support, and placenta encapsulation.

She also loves coaching junior roller derby, bouldering with her wife, and re-reading Harry Potter.


Samara Stern (they/them) – NYC, NY

From Seed To Sequoia

Samara Stern was born a caretaker and human uplifter. Their services are varied and will be different for each individual person. Along with their services as a doula, they are also a body and energy worker.


Maggie Larkin (she/her) – NYC, NY

Doula by Design

Maggie Larkin is a new postpartum doula specializing in providing parenting plans to help parents achieve their vision of their family’s flow.


Charlie Monlouis (they/them) – Brooklyn, NY

Nourishing Seeds

Charlie is a Queer and non-binary doula based in Brooklyn. They empower their clients to cross a full spectrum of reproductive and parenting thresholds–supporting with information, advocacy, dignity, and humanity.

They also work professionally as a chef and offer home-cooked meal prep for their postpartum clients! Their model of care is to facilitate ease and only ask the questions that are necessary. They often say that their education is never over. They continue to prepare themself for any possible outcome of pregnancy, so that their support for you is resilient and grounded when you need it the most.

Whether that is in advocating for your right to trial of labor after cesarean, or helping you to digest an unexpected complication, or cheering you on as you become the first in generations of your family to breast/chestfeed–you deserve to feel respected and empowered through any reproductive and/or parenting experience. Their services are available for a sliding scale fee. (Services également disponibles aux familles francophones!)

They also teach workshops to birth workers and reproductive health providers to improve transgender access to care. Follow them @Nourishing.Seeds.Doula for updates on upcoming workshop offerings!


Jay (they/them/she/her) – Bronx, NYC

Jay Energia

Jay, Jota (“J” in Spanish pronunciation) and J (English pronunciation). Mixed PoC Latine/x/a Gender Queer person, womxn, femme and connector that goes by they, she, and any pronouns except “he” interchangeably.

Offering services to everyone but centering and prioritizing QTPoC, People of Color in general and low incomes folxs. NYC doula, based in the Bronx that provides mental, emotional, spiritual support and assistance through abortion or childbirth including prenatal and/or postpartum.

Their services include providing resources for natural alternatives, community support/services catered to your specific needs and background and sliding scale pricing based on your income.


Lindsay McDonough (she/her) – Biddeford, ME

Your yoga your birth

Lindsay offers education support and resources for families in the perinatal time in their lives.

She teaches queer friendly classes and teach other teachers how to improve language surrounding sex, gender, and sexual orientation particularly in the birth world.


Annie Rosenblum (they/them/she/her) – Chatham, NY

Annie the Doula

Annie Rosenblum is a queer doula who recently relocated to upstate New York from Florida!

Since writing their undergraduate thesis on the pregnancy and birth experiences of transgender men, Annie has been determined to acquire the skills necessary to provide comprehensive and compassionate birth care for ALL parents, particularly LGBTQIA+ parents.

They attended their first (amazing) birth in October 2019 and are excited to attend many, many more. They are certified through DONA International and offer full-spectrum doula support (before, during, and after birth) on a flexible sliding scale.


Jamie Frazier – (he/him/they/them) – New York, NY

Seahorse Doula NYC

Jamie Frazier is a queer and transgender Birth Doula. After numerous experiences with medical discrimination, Jamie realized that having just one person in the room who was there to support them would have radically altered if not avoided the incidents entirely. They are now committed to being that person and providing that support for others.

Combining their background in anthropology and advocacy with a lifelong commitment to service, Jamie uses a holistic, evidence based approach to ensure that all birthing people can feel seen, heard and respected. Whether you choose a hospital or home, a planned C-section or physiological birth, Jamie will support you as you choose what is best for you.


Luar Adonis Wolf (they/them/she/her) – New York, NY

Little Moonlight Doula

Luar Adonis Wolf is a full spectrum doula serving all pregnant people in their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. Their practice, Little Moonlight Doula, serves all gender identities and bodies, as well as utilizes gender inclusive language/care/support for all clients, while operating in the framework of reproductive and birthing justice. As a trans and non-binary person of color, it is very important for them to reflect who they are in their business and practice. 

They welcome folks who are on the QTGNC+ spectrum to have access to a doula who will advocate and offer support centered around clients’ identities. Little Moonlight Doula provides advocacy, support, and care for ALL pregnant people to better navigate and make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey as well as services for abortion care, reproductive health, and trans affirming support.


Amanda Hayden (she/her/they/them) – Brooklyn, NY

Amanda Hayden Doula

Amanda is a full spectrum birth and postpartum doula and certified lactation counselor living in Brooklyn, supporting families throughout New York City. Her practice is deeply informed by her education and years of experience supporting individuals and families as a licensed social worker. She knows all birthing persons and their partner(s) deserve to feel affirmed, attuned to, and cared for. Her practice intentionally supports all bodies, all genders, and all sexualities.


Natalia Krichten, CLC (they/them) – Pittsburgh, PA

Growing Love Birth Services

Natalia Krichten is a queer, non-binary doula and home birth assistant. They offer full spectrum doula and lactation services as well as education, centering LGBTQIA+ and trans/non-binary/GNC folx.


Alexandra Blogier (she/her) – Boston, MA

Alexandra Blogier Doula

Alexandra Blogier is a DONA-trained postpartum doula and certified lactation counselor, which she came to through 10 years of infant nanny work. She’s compassionate, nurturing and grounded, and believe in meeting families where they are to support them in whatever they may need during such an incredible transition in their lives. She loves to support families through the 4th trimester and help them feel supported, calm and educated about infant care, feeding and family wellbeing. She trusts in the innate ability that each new parent finds within. For Alexandra, it is an honor to hold space for parents as they bring new life in the world.


Bilen Berhanu (she/her) – Brooklyn, NY

Doula Bilen

Bilen Berhanu offers full spectrum doula services, including but not limited to birth and postpartum. She also offers lactation support. She provides private instruction for HypnoBirthing and New Parent education.


Kim Barstow (they/them/she/her) – Putney, VT

Wildflower Midwifery

Kim Barstow offers midwifery care, doula care, home birth, hospital birth, and postpartum-only care. They also offer abortion support as a midwife or a doula, fertility and conception care including inseminations/IUIs.


Michele James-Parham (they/them) – Pittsburgh, PA

Amethyst Midwitchery & Womancraft

Michele James-Parham provides full spectrum midwifery and herbalist care in Pittsburgh, PA. Their practice primarily focuses on queer, transgender, IBPOC, low-income, and teen folks.

They are currently only taking on well care (PAPs) and herbalist clients because they are busy with school to become a family physician.


Amber Matteson (she/her) – Weymouth, MA

Intimate Connections doula services

Amber Matteson believe that everyone deserves to have the birth of their dreams. All who are pregnant should be treated with the utmost respect, dignity, and autonomy.

Reproductive and social justice are near and dear to her heart, and integral to her work as a doula. As a queer woman, who is a member of various other communities, it is important for her to support other marginalized and underserved communities. ​

Outside of birth work, she loves spending time with her partner and four cats! She loves to dance, read, and spend time outdoors.


Kelly Kolb (she/her) – Glenside, PA

Joyful Start Family Support, LLC

Kelly Kolb is a certified birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator providing caring, professional, non-judgmental doula support and childbirth education for individuals and families of all kinds and birth of all kinds in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia, and the Main Line. 

She offers online support meetings for expectant parents and new parents as well as group and individual classes to meet a variety of needs.

She lives with her husband, daughter, and their two feline overlords in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Patricia (she/her) – West New York, New Jersey

Inara’s Passage

Patricia provides prenatal, lactation, and developmental support to pregnant and parenting people. She does this through childbirth education classes, lactation visits, and in person doula support.


Vivian Ewing (she/her) – Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Foxglove Doula

Vivian Ewing is a body-positive, sex-positive, gender-affirming, full-spectrum birth doula trained by DONA International. She serves pregnant people by providing continuous support throughout their pregnancy, labor and birth. Wherever someone decides to give birth, her responsibility is to help them achieve their goals. She values and honors each of her clients’ births as sacred and unique.


Megan Mauger (she/her) – Philadelphia, PA

Nested Birth Doula

Megan is a queer birth and postpartum doula based out of West Philly. She is dedicated to providing affirming, compassionate and nonjudgmental care for LGBTQ+ folks on their parenting journeys. She believes that the postpartum period is not ‘over’ at 3 months. To support her families in this way she offers extended postpartum care and virtual parenting support sessions. All of her services are offered at a sliding scale.

Building community around parenthood is central to her work. She loves facilitating connections among her clients through events and referrals because this work is not meant to be done alone. In fact, Megan is personally exploring nonnuclear family structures and bought a home with her partner and another couple in hopes of creating their very own queer parenting community!


Ray Rachlin (they/them/she/her) – Philadelphia, PA

Refuge Midwifery

Refuge Midwifery is an inclusive fertility and home birth midwifery practice serving Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. We provide preconception care, home IUI, home birth midwifery care, community education on queer conception and provider education on trans-inclusive reproductive care.


Jeanne Marie Mirabella (she/her) – New Jersey

Jeanne Marie Mirabella is a counselor, in private practice. She has years of experience seeing clients in individual and group settings. Her services include (but are not limited to) grief and bereavement, including pregnancy, infant and child loss. She also works with people experiencing issues related to parenting, pregnancy, perinatal mental health. She see clients virtually and out of her NJ office. She also offers workshop and consultation services across the Northeast.

Jeanne is also a doula (birth, postpartum, end of life), and a certified lactation counselor (CLC).