Kathleen Ruvalcava (she/hers) – Warren, MI

Ann Arbor Doulas

Kathleen serves families in their childbearing years and seeks to increase access to high quality care, especially for individuals and families on the margins!


Live Light Birth & FamilyDetroit, MI

Live Light Doula Services, LLC was started in 2016, formally transitioning to a collective in 2017 to serve families in Metro Detroit. Their collective is active in the community, striving to address issues related to families, including women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and healthcare disparities. They are a down-to-Earth, tell-it-how-it-is group that primarily hopes to assure that you feel heard and respected as you get ready to bring a new baby into your family. Whether you give birth at home or a hospital, bottle feed or breastfeed, they’re here for you.

They offer full spectrum (abortion & bereavement services as of 2020). They offer services for parents planning a positive birth and postpartum experience. They welcome families of all shapes & sizes. So if you’re planning to utilize surrogacy, adoption, or IVF, they’re here to support you.


ash luna (they/them) – Chicago, IL

4th Trimester Bodies Project | ash luna Photography

ash luna photographs pregnant, birth, and postpartum people.

They also run a global movement for parents and postpartum people that pairs photos with personal narratives to find empowerment and normalization in bodies and experiences.


Shayna Medinger (they/them) – Sheboygan, WI

Lakeshore Liberation

Shayna Medinger is a fat nonbinary birth worker and educator that is passionate about social justice, with a personal background in fat and queer liberation. They currently offer abortion support services (providing information and resources as needed, in-person support before/during/after) and will be starting childbirth education classes soon that are gender- and queer-inclusive, fat positive, and tailored to the unique needs of each student. They also offer virtual tarot readings.


Shawna Queen (she/her/they/them) – Detroit, MI

Shawna Queen is a a queer full spectrum doula, reproductive justice activist and educator. Their work is rooted in harm reduction, autonomy and trauma informed care. They teach classes for birth workers wanting to better serve the LGBTQ+ community. They also teach an abortion peer support workshop called “Supporting Each Other Through Abortion.”


Ashley Haden-Peaches (she/her) – Kansas City, MO

Ashley Haden-Peaches became interested in birth work when she began working on a project to reduce infant mortality. She realized that many birthing persons do not realize all of the decisions that they have to make before, during and after birth. And that they do, and should, have a say in all of these decisions. She wants to help families make informed choices that will enhance their birth experience and bring a healthy person into the world safely.

She is super invested in helping folks secure their breast/chest feeding relationship. Whether you are the birthing person, the adoptive parent, the non-gestational parent or just a supportive partner, she can discuss with you how to make your lactation journey successful. She has successfully induced lactation for her daughter as the non-gestational parent and is really excited to be able to share her lactation knowledge and journey with others.

She provides childbirth education, cloth diapering education, birth planning, lactation counseling and labor doula support.


Maleny Crespo (they/them) – Ypsilanti, MI

Southeast Michigan Doula Project

Maleny Crespo is a bilingual (Spanish and English) volunteer doula through Southeast Michigan Doula Project. Southeast Michigan Doula Project provides low to no cost doula services to those residing in southeast Michigan. Maleny has received birth doula training through DONA.

They are currently in the process of receiving additional training and certification through Birth Advocacy Doula Training, founded by Sabia Wade. They are also studying to become a pregnancy and infant loss advocate under Nneka Hall. Maleny strives for their clients to feel heard, encouraged, and inspired to make decisions based on personal autonomy.


Tori Freund (she/her/they/them) – Milwaukee, WI

VLF Doula Services

Tori Freund is a queer full spectrum doula and childbirth educator living and working in the Greater Milwaukee Area (Wisconsin).

Their focus as a doula is to provide educational, evidence-based, hands-on, and individualized support alongside building a connection with their clients and community.


Bea Cross (she/her) – Fort Leavenworth, KS

Bea Kind Doula Services

Bea Cross is a doula and mother to three kids. She provides pregnancy, birth and postpartum support to pregnant persons and their families.

As a military spouse, she knows how hard it can be to find support in new areas, and strive to make my services accessible to all people.


Shea Roberts Gyllen (they/them) – Minneapolis, MN

Stellar Birth Services

Shea Roberts Gyllen is a full spectrum doula working in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. They are currently offering virtual birth support services and virtual Childbirth Education. They love supporting families as they discover the birthing toolkit that fits them best and helping them utilize those toolkits during the entire family building process to grow their families.


Liz (she/her) – Durant, IA

Liz The Doula – Birth + Postpartum Care

Liz is a new doula in the Quad City (Iowa and Illinois) area, who is passionate about all things birth! She provides full spectrum support: from prenatal care, to birth and postpartum support, and free abortion support. She also provides birth planning services to help you visualize and communicate your needs.


Hope Rowe (they/them/she/her) – Overland Park, KS

Kansas Birth & Baby

Hope Rowe has been serving new parents and families in the Greater Kansas City area since 2017 as a doula, advocate, and educator. They’re married to a wonderful transgender woman, and their experience as a queer parent and partner has led them to specialize in support for LGBTQ+ families, including fertility concerns and advocacy within the healthcare system, and addressing the unique experiences and challenges faced by marginalized communities.

As a full spectrum doula, they provide emotional, informational, and physical support for persons going through pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery, miscarriage, and abortion. They believe strongly in the need for affordable, accessible, and affirming care for all persons, and the power of choice in the birth atmosphere.


Cristina Hernandez (she/her) – Las Vegas, NV

Vida Full Spectrum Birth Services

Birth can be transformative, liberating, and healing. As a trauma-informed birth worker, Cristina Hernandez’s mission is to provide evidence based education, options, and a safe space to create the birthing experience you desire. She seeks to support queer and communities of color in creating familia.

Cristina Hernandez has been a birth worker for the past three years. She is native to Las Vegas, Nevada but her people are from Mexico and Cuba. She has been in the anti-violence movement for the past 16 years and is currently completing my Master’s in Public Health. She felt called to birth work after the births of her children, Sofia and Joseph, and as a result of the lack of representation of queer and people of color birth workers in her community.