Kathleen Ruvalcava (she/hers) – Warren, MI

Ann Arbor Doulas

Kathleen serves families in their childbearing years and seeks to increase access to high quality care, especially for individuals and families on the margins!


Kelly Garland (they/she)

Live Light Birth & FamilyDetroit, MI

Kate and Kelly are a down-to-earth, tell-it-how-it-is team who support all birth choices and outcomes. They want you to feel heard and respected as you prepare to bring a new baby into your world. Kate and Kelly work as a team to provide continuous prenatal, labor, and postpartum care. Additionally, Kate provides support as a certified lactation counselor and supports all feeding/lactation goals. All Live Light Birth & Family doulas work on a sliding scale.


ash luna (they/them) – Chicago, IL

ash luna THERAPY

Following more than a decade of experience in therapeutic art and group therapy with parents and postpartum people via their internationally acclaimed 4th Trimester Bodies Project ash is thrilled to have transitioned into a clinical therapy role supporting queer and trans individuals and families in perinatal and postpartum mental health, gender and identity, and other life transitions.

ash approaches clinical practice from an integrated perspective that combines clinical theories, somatic (mind-body) principles, and social justice perspectives. This trauma-informed framework centers empathy and anti-oppressiveness in approaching identity, growth, and healing within their solution-focused and affirming practice.


Shayna Medinger (they/them) – Sheboygan, WI

Lakeshore Liberation

Shayna Medinger is a fat nonbinary birth worker and educator that is passionate about social justice, with a personal background in fat and queer liberation. They currently offer abortion support services (providing information and resources as needed, in-person support before/during/after) and will be starting childbirth education classes soon that are gender- and queer-inclusive, fat positive, and tailored to the unique needs of each student. They also offer virtual tarot readings.


Shawna Queen (she/her/they/them) – Detroit, MI

Shawna Queen is a a queer full spectrum doula, reproductive justice activist and educator. Their work is rooted in harm reduction, autonomy and trauma informed care. They teach classes for birth workers wanting to better serve the LGBTQ+ community. They also teach an abortion peer support workshop called “Supporting Each Other Through Abortion.”


Ashley Haden-Peaches (she/her) – Kansas City, MO

Ashley Haden-Peaches became interested in birth work when she began working on a project to reduce infant mortality. She realized that many birthing persons do not realize all of the decisions that they have to make before, during and after birth. And that they do, and should, have a say in all of these decisions. She wants to help families make informed choices that will enhance their birth experience and bring a healthy person into the world safely.

She is super invested in helping folks secure their breast/chest feeding relationship. Whether you are the birthing person, the adoptive parent, the non-gestational parent or just a supportive partner, she can discuss with you how to make your lactation journey successful. She has successfully induced lactation for her daughter as the non-gestational parent and is really excited to be able to share her lactation knowledge and journey with others.

She provides childbirth education, cloth diapering education, birth planning, lactation counseling and labor doula support.


Maleny Crespo (they/them) – Ypsilanti, MI

Southeast Michigan Doula Project

Maleny Crespo is a bilingual (Spanish and English) volunteer doula through Southeast Michigan Doula Project. Southeast Michigan Doula Project provides low to no cost doula services to those residing in southeast Michigan. Maleny has received birth doula training through DONA.

They are currently in the process of receiving additional training and certification through Birth Advocacy Doula Training, founded by Sabia Wade. They are also studying to become a pregnancy and infant loss advocate under Nneka Hall. Maleny strives for their clients to feel heard, encouraged, and inspired to make decisions based on personal autonomy.


Tori Freund (she/her/they/them) – Milwaukee, WI

Greater love Doula Services

Tori Freund is a queer full spectrum doula and childbirth educator living and working in the Greater Milwaukee Area (Wisconsin).

Their focus as a doula is to provide educational, evidence-based, hands-on, and individualized support alongside building a connection with their clients and community.


Bea Cross (she/her) – Fort Leavenworth, KS

Bea Kind Doula Services

Bea Cross is a doula and mother to three kids. She provides pregnancy, birth and postpartum support to pregnant persons and their families.

As a military spouse, she knows how hard it can be to find support in new areas, and strive to make my services accessible to all people.


Shea Roberts Gyllen (they/them) – Minneapolis, MN

Stellar Birth Services

Shea Roberts Gyllen is a full spectrum doula working in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. They are currently offering virtual birth support services and virtual Childbirth Education. They love supporting families as they discover the birthing toolkit that fits them best and helping them utilize those toolkits during the entire family building process to grow their families.


Liz (she/her) – Durant, IA

Liz The Doula – Birth + Postpartum Care

Liz is a new doula in the Quad City (Iowa and Illinois) area, who is passionate about all things birth! She provides full spectrum support: from prenatal care, to birth and postpartum support, and free abortion support. She also provides birth planning services to help you visualize and communicate your needs.


Hope Rowe (they/them/she/her) – Overland Park, KS

Kansas Birth & Baby

Hope Rowe has been serving new parents and families in the Greater Kansas City area since 2017 as a doula, advocate, and educator. They’re married to a wonderful transgender woman, and their experience as a queer parent and partner has led them to specialize in support for LGBTQ+ families, including fertility concerns and advocacy within the healthcare system, and addressing the unique experiences and challenges faced by marginalized communities.

As a full spectrum doula, they provide emotional, informational, and physical support for persons going through pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery, miscarriage, and abortion. They believe strongly in the need for affordable, accessible, and affirming care for all persons, and the power of choice in the birth atmosphere.


Hannah Honor (she/her/they/them) – Chicago, IL

Honor Birth Services

Hannah Honor is a full spectrum doula based in Chicago, Illinois. They come from a long line of powerful, strong, warriors, a line of Afro-Chicanx womxn who have guided their values and principles.

They are a Queer, Afro-Chicana/Black womxn with over ten years of experience in organizing and healing work. They believe that there are many paths to liberation — reclaiming autonomy in our reproductive journey is one way. They utilize social work and therapeutic practices with all of their clients, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to address the fears and barriers that may come along their reproductive journey. No matter what you bring with you, they promise to meet you where you at and ensure you build a relationship based on mutual trust, complete compassion, and acknowledgement and celebration of one’s experiences.

They provide support through a family’s prenatal, birth, and postpartum journey. They also support families through fertility, termination, and lactation support.


Kelly Garland (she/her/they/them) – Detroit, MI

Live Light Birth & Family

As a full spectrum doula and nursing student it is Kelly Garland’s goal to instill confidence, provide compassionate support, and allow clients to be fully themselves through their unique reproductive journey. After beginning their journey as a birth worker in 2016, they now work in a collective model with the amazing team at Live Light Birth & Family. They are a queer, non-binary birth worker providing nonjudgmental prenatal, birth, and postpartum services to families of all shapes and sizes with special attunement to the needs of queer and trans folks. They also provide resources and peer support for abortion, miscarriage, and fertility processes.


Sarah Auna (she/her) – St. Paul, MN

Sarah Auna: Birth Body Teaching

There are as many ways to give birth as there are to be a parent. As a doula, Sarah Auna takes the Googling and self-doubt out of pregnancy. Her commitment is to show her clients how to bring their best self to these transformational times and not only usher in a positive birth, but a positive postpartum experience as well. She uses childbirth education and prenatal yoga, birth advocacy and expertise and nurturing postpartum healing to facilitate not just the birth of the child, but the birth of the parent as well.


Ash Dasuqi (they/them) – Athens, OH

Embodied Birth Class

Trauma-informed, gender affirming, evidence-based and holistic childbirth preparation class for pregnant folks and their support people, or individuals interested in birth. A 10 hour class in 2 parts in person or virtually, which includes personal coaching, fear engagement, chest/breastfeeding primer, pain management, empathetic parenting, trauma triggers, herbal support, and more. 


Heather Leavy (she/her) – Indianapolis, IN

Serene Paths Doula Services

Heather with Serene Paths recognizes the challenges that trans + queer people experience throughout their lives and especially surrounding childbirth.

Heather has supported trans and queer families through a wide range of experiences from fertility treatments, births, and losses. in her support role as a trans affirming and queer centered doula, Heather will continue to educate + help others navigate their journey to parenthood. Heather also cares for clients who choose abortion by understanding that there is a full spectrum of care needed for queer clients!

Serene Paths deeply values diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability status, or zodiac sign.


Storm O’Brink (they/them) – Iowa City, IA


Storm is a genderqueer & intersex full-spectrum doula and a certified sexual assault advocate based in Iowa City, IA. They provide free doula services, among many other forms of support, to survivors of sexual violence through the Rape Victim Advocacy Program. Most of their work centers in postpartum, prenatal, abortion, transition, and reproductive healthcare support. They approach doula work through a down-to-earth, trauma-informed, and reproductive justice lens.

They believe that healthcare and birth should be directed by the person experiencing it, and work to help clients maintain their autonomy while interacting with healthcare providers. Storm came into this work after numerous personal experiences with medical violence. Their passion and specialization is working with LGBTQIA survivors and survivors of medical violence.

They co-founded RVAP’s Queer Health Advocacy Program, which provides advocacy and accompaniment to LGBTQIA individuals during medical appointments. They also provide numerous trainings to healthcare providers and students on medical violence, obstetric violence, and working with survivors of abuse.


Maddy Abowitz (she/her) – Columbus, OH

Maddy Abowitz Doula Services

Maddy is a full-spectrum doula providing emotional, physical, and information support during reproductive events. She supports clients during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, abortion, and pregnancy loss.

She is cisgender and queer, and passionate about supporting other queer people during their reproductive experiences. She is also committed to practicing birth work with a reproductive justice lens.


Bree Hope (she/her/be/they/them) – Cincinnati, OH

Sowing Seeds in Omi Doula Services

Bree is a Black, queer, revolutionary doula who is passionate about supporting birthing people through high quality nutrition, support around mental health and ensuring clients know what their options are to make informed decisions.

Their entrance into birth work was as an abortion doula in February of 2019. They went on to go through an apprenticeship to become a birth/labor doula and in June of 2020 they became a Certified Holistic Doula through The Mothership Inc.

They are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio and the current Administrative Director of Blaq Birth Circle which is a collective of Black & Brown birth workers that is a resource and a safe space for birth workers of color.

Their individual doula business is called “Sowing Seeds in Omi Doula Services” & the services they provide are: Childbirth Education, Holistic Meal Preparation, Postpartum Support, Energy & Bodywork, Newborn Care, Evidence Based Birth Professional Resources, and they’re forever a student of knowledge and expanding their skills.


Sydney Holets (she/her) – Saint Paul, MN

Body & Birthworker

Sydney is a certified birth & postpartum doula, aromatherapist, and massage therapist in training. She makes custom & designed aromatherapy blends and works to empower people to trust their bodies’ intuitive powers through specialized, personal care.


Rose Hayes-Dineen (she/they) – Milwaukee, WI

heart alchemy

Rose Hayes-Dineen offers full-spectrum doula services, bodywork, and herbalism for holistic reproductive wellness. You are your best advocate and healer. It would be their honor to walk alongside you as a witness and support in your prenatal time, birth, postpartum, abortion, or personal healing. She sees it as a great gift and honor to serve families and individuals of all backgrounds and intersections of identity as they move through these portals of transformation.


Andrea D. Richardson (she/her) – Saint Louis, MO

Womb Care Womxn

Andrea is the owner of Womb Care Womxn. She provides holistic, healing and queer affirming full spectrum doula support and care to Black folks and families. She’s also a certified pleasure and sex doula.


Mika Muñoz (she/they/all pronouns) – Chicago, IL

La Placenta

A third generation birth worker, Mika Muñoz comes from a long heritage of parteras. Their great grandmother would ride horse back in middle of the night into villages to support labor and delivery in home births. With the same fierceness, her commitment is to intentionally and respectfully advocate for your agency of your body. They are a full spectrum doula with 5 years professional experience as a birth worker, in placenta encapsulation and post surgery support. All people deserve informed quality care and attention in a time of big life changes!


Ama Warnock (they/she) – Chicago, IL

Ama the Doula

As a doula, Ama is calm, supportive, and non-judgmental. Their goal is to support you in making the decisions you want for your body, your family, and your well-being. It is her role to amplify your voice and help you think through what you want, but never to make decisions for you or push you towards a certain decision. They provide support to people in Chicago or virtual support anywhere.

Ama provides birth, postpartum, and abortion doula services, as well as sex sexual reproductive health counseling/education, body celebration sessions, and medical appointment accompaniment. 


Melissa Haley (they/she) – Chicago, IL

Wyld Garden

Melissa is a queer full spectrum birthworker trained in Brooklyn and based in Chicagoland. They are also a certified childbirth educator reproductive health educator. They are the oldest of 5 and a former early childhood teacher and bring their calm-nurturing eldest sibling energy into the birth space.

Melissa believes that you deserve a healthy baby AND a transformational experience, you shouldn’t have to choose. They make space for the sacred and the scientific, offering tools and resources to help you prepare. Their holistic practice is informed by research, ritual, herbs & plants, and deep listening. Expect personal touches, book & video recommendations, clear communication, handmade gifts, grounding energy, and fun! More info on Instagram @wyld_garden. Sliding scale, barter, payment plans on request for low-income families.


Jamie Speaks (she/her) – Springfield, MI

MTHR BRTH Holistic Doula

Jamie Speaks is a military spouse, dog mama, and forever student. She is the creator of MTHR BRTH, a Holistic, Full Spectrum Doula service within the Southwest Missouri area. She created MTHR BRTH to provide a sacred space for all birthing persons.

“We channel light energy, healing words, optimism, education + information from the birth plan to postpartum. We all provide nourishing support through termination and loss”

Jamie is passionate about birth + empowering birthing people to be their own advocate. Ensuring the magic of nourishing support from all perspectives. Keep up to date on our ever changing services as we continue to grow.


SJ Doi (she/her) – Chicago, IL

The Postpartum Partner

SJ is a Black, Japanese American and queer full-spectrum birth worker and lactation counselor based in Chicago. She provides prenatal, labor/birth, postpartum, and lactation support that is trauma informed, evidence-based and culturally responsive.

As a postpartum-centric full spectrum doula, SJ works with families from pregnancy to postpartum to not only prepare for labor/birth, but to also co-create a nurturing + restorative, postpartum healing experience with food/meal prep, handcrafted herbal gifts, and practical, hands-on doula support and education. SJ knows that giving birth and recovering fully truly takes a village, and she’s honored to be a part of the journey.


Mabolé Inawale (they/them) – Minneapolis, MN

Cradle & Cowrie

Mabolé is a Black, queer, non-binary doula and healer living on Dakota land in Minneapolis, where They provide full-spectrum services to families in the Twin Cities Metro and beyond. They wear a few different, but interrelated hats as a birth worker, organizer, educator, artist, and healer. Their approach to birth work is rooted in reproductive justice, abolition, and African diasporic healing traditions. For them, this work is about the liberation of Black, Brown, Indigenous, queer, and trans kinship circles. They care about giving my clients evidence-based information, but they also center our ancestral wisdom.

When they join your birth team, they work with you to create ceremony and hold the sacredness of the birthing space. They are an Olorisha of the goddess Oya (an initiated priest in Yoruba religion). They are a Hoodoosaint and rootworker, a practitioner of traditional African American spirituality. They are passionate about using their ancestral traditions to provide holistic, radical care that contributes to better birth outcomes.


Tay Amari Little (she/he) – Detroit, MI

(Un)Veiled Divine Technologies

Tay Amari Little (She/Her + He/Him) is a Conjurewoman, Baby Retriever and Esoteric Birthworker, diviner and artist. At (Un)Veiled Divine Technologies (UDT), she works with her spirits and that of her clients to provide prenatal spiritual security for spirits of Unborn babies, a range of divination systems, handmade prayer blankets, cultural research + lineage support, matrimonial services, custom sacred artifacts and products, articles, talisman art, classes and trainings, events, Tay in the Water Podcast and other spirit-led projects.

UDT’s birthwork practice serves as a center for Black queer, trans, and gender-expansive birthgivers to safely deepen their connections to their lineages and spiritual capacities. Utilizing shamanic technologies inherited from her People, this is offered through a variety of birthkeeping security measures including monthly collections of prenatal spiritual security services, circles and trainings.


Katie Chiaramonte (she/her) – Des Moines, IA

Bumble Tree Doula

Katie provide radically inclusive care for all families. She is passionate about each individual and family receiving the care they deserve during a time of transition in their life. Katie believes every baby should be welcomed with love. She loves creating space for birthing persons to feel empowered and supported before, during, and after labor. Katie offers her services in any setting. However, she specializes in medicated hospital births and inductions.

Katie offers her services on a sliding scale that includes the opportunity to utilized communal funds to cover the entire cost for those who qualify.


Suzy Frigo (they/she) – Germantown, OH

Buckeye Birth & Botanicals, LLC

Suzy combines their experience and education as a clinically trained herbalist, a reproductive health educator, a full-spectrum birth worker, a student midwife, and a parent of five to help people tend to all levels of their being. She is passionate about teaching people how to cultivate body literacy and offering them tools to advocate for their own health and wellness.

For over a decade, they have studied a variety of health modalities with a particular focus on reproductive health and wellness. Their own wellness journey began when their son passed away and then immediately experienced secondary infertility. In her deep grief, she rebuilt her life to learn what nourishes our mind, body, and spirit – especially in relation to reproductive health.

They continually update their knowledge base by pursuing continuing education in herbal medicine, reproductive health, and more.


Rise – Nerissa Osby (they/them) – Chicago, IL

Riotous Roots

Rise is a full spectrum birthworker, currently focusing on birth, postpartum, grief & loss, and abortion support. They primarily support Black people, queer trans and nonbinary folks, disabled folks, low income folks and people who have experienced trauma. They weave their experience as a meditation facilitator, poet and trauma educator into creating a unique, held and restful space for those seeking care from them. They have been a birthworker for 5 years and and healing practitioner for over 10.


Kate York (they/she) – Ypsilanti, MI 

Kate provides queer and trans-centered full spectrum doula care and CLC support in Wayne, Washtenaw, and Oakland counties. Identities held: white, English-speaking, chronically-ill, Able-bodied, trans, gender non-conforming, queer, agnostic.

Kate supports all births, including abortion and termination for medical reasons. They will never charge for support provided during an abortion or loss. She believe that all experiences are worthy of support. They center their practice around the understanding that we all hold trauma, and that transitional life events can bring trauma forward, in a tangible way. Sliding scale payments and barter exchange is available. 


juniper lilac wilson (they/them) – Ypsilanti, MI

Lilac Dreams

Juniper (juju) is a Black, Queer full spectrum birth worker and childbirth educator. juju offers personalized holistic, full-spectrum support and care to all birthing people during all birthing outcomes. juju’s birth work focuses on Black, Indigenous, People of the Global Majority (BIPGM), 2SLGBQIA+, Transgender and Gender Non-conforming (TGNC), Disabled and Neurodivergent folks, families, and lived experiences.

Their full-spectrum scope of practice includes menstruation, fertility, pregnancy/infant loss, intentional pregnancy loss, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Through the use of evidence based information, mindfulness, community and intuition — Juniper will holistically care and support your reproductive journey.

All services are provided on a sliding scale; there is opportunity for barter and mutual aid. Childbirth education courses will be rolling out soon which will focus on the holistic preparation for pregnancy/childbirth/parenthood and the lived experiences of all birthing people, bodies, and families!


Carly Ann Braun (she/her) – Chicago, IL

Doula Carly Ann

Carly Ann believes birth is a sacred process that calls for deeply compassionate care. She believes in trusting your body, and trusting yourself. No matter where or how you choose to have your baby. Your family’s needs and goals are her top priority.

Carly Ann brings an unflappable sort of groundedness to birth. She’s been to over 70 births since 2018 in all settings from home births to birth centers to hospitals. She is a trauma informed provider and believes in evidence based care. She is starting midwifery school in January 2024 to become a Certified Professional Midwife.

Carly Ann provides prenatal education and support, labor support, postpartum doula care, lactation education. She is a lactation specialist, certified doula, and perinatal educator.

She will bring you postpartum tea during your visits to have ready in the fridge for after delivery, since she loves herbs and supporting nourishment in pregnancy and postpartum.

Birth doula packages include 2 prenatal visits, free 2 hour lactation webinar, on call support starting at 37 weeks, continuous labor support, at least one postpartum visit, 6 weeks of postpartum phone/text/email support, access to vetted resources, and more!


Alex Wood (she/her) – Ann Arbor, MI


Alex Wood offers affirming support from postpartum through parenthood. She offers covid cautious, queer and trans affirming, inclusive services. She is a certified postpartum doula and abortion and parenting coach serving Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County and virtually worldwide. Alex is passionate about supporting and empowering new parents as they navigate the changing landscape of life with a new baby and helping established families break out of old patterns and habits that no longer serve them. Whatever your story, she wants to work together to shape it into something that works for you.