Kimberley Roberts (they/them) – London, England

The Queer Doula

Kimberley Roberts is a queer, trans doula offering full spectrum doula services and complementary therapies.


king yaa (they/them/king) – Cape Town, South Africa

king yaa

king yaa is a black, genderqueer, queer, masculine of centre being who has birthed three humans. They were raised in Toronto, Canada and currently occupy space in Cape Town, South Africa. Their work is grounded in and informed by intersectional feminism, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed care, body liberation and sex positive frameworks. king yaa centres their work on the intersections of queer wellness and dignity.

Their offerings include gender affirming bodywork, somatic coaching, movement for resiliency, full spectrum birth support, transitioning companion and as well as training intentional health and wellness providers with LGBTQ+ competencies, specializing on queer, trans and non-binary individuals, to create safe and inclusive practices.


Justine (she/her) – Edmonton, Alberta

Empowered Beginnings Birth & Postpartum Doula

Justine is a queer birth and postpartum doula serving diverse families and birthing people in Edmonton.

She believes that a person’s birth experience will stay with them forever, and she is devoted to helping my clients feel empowered during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. She also offers services on a sliding scale if income is a significant barrier.


Tessa Morgan (they/them) – Edmonton, Alberta

Balanced Postpartum

Tessa Morgan is a non-binary, autistic, full-spectrum birth worker in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Fat parent to their three-year old kiddo. Pro-choice. They provide birth work services on a sliding scale in an effort to make doula support more accessible to all individuals and families.

They provide support through birth, abortion, and postpartum with a special interest in the postpartum period and parenting. Passionate about social justice, reading nonfiction, and beautiful photos of everyday things. They speak English and French, and graduated high school with a diploma in both!


Sam (she/her) – Burlington, Ontario


Sam has been a doula for 21 years – since just after becoming a parent for the first time – and while she has dramatically slowed down the labour support she provides, she loves teaching childbirth classes and being an informational support for those who seek her out.


Lara Esrey (they/them) – Hamilton, Ontario

The Planted Doula

Lara is a queer non-binary full spectrum doula in Hamilton, Ontario and offering support in person up to an hour away. Virtual support available no matter where you are! 

Lara is committed to gender & queer affirming, trauma informed and anti-oppressive care. They offer unbiased, person centred support to all kinds of families and individuals. Advocacy is at the core of their work. In addition to full spectrum doula support they are also an Integrative Lactation & Feeding Specialist offering infant feeding support, and they teach individual and group childbirth and postpartum education classes. 

More details can be found via their website! Don’t hesitate to reach out. Custom support packages are always available, and all services are on a sliding scale. 


kemoy jemmott (she/her) – Berlin, Germany


kemoy jemmott is passionate about supporting those who are often disenfranchised by the field of medicine and reproductive health and hopes to support you throughout your journey of pregnancy and childbirth so that you can have a positive experience of bringing new life into your world.

Throughout my training as a doula, she learned different ways in which Fascia Touch can be used as a supportive tool for the body as it changes throughout pregnancy. She also has a special interest in using movement and breath work as a way to maintain the connection between the mind and body throughout pregnancy.

kemoy can offer support virtually or in person and am happy to meet with you at any stage of pregnancy. There are many ways she can offer support so please feel free to reach out if her presence resonates with you.


Jenine Ellis (she/her) – Avonsleih, Victoria, Australia

Grace and Ivy Doula Services

Jenine Ellis is a Melbourne-based, queer doula specialising in birth support for all trimesters; postpartum support; birth education (Lamaze and Hybnobirthing); placenta encapsulation; small batch, handmade herbal products; belly binding; energy healing; and hypnotherapy and meditation.


Ams Sweiger (they/them) – Toronto, Ontario

Queer Spectrum Birth

Ams Sweiger offers full spectrum prenatal, intrapartum and abortion and fertility support to all gestational parents, especially those seeking support in navigating the health care system as 2SLGBTQ people. They are a counsellor and specialize in working through a lens of harm reduction, informed choice, client centered care and anti-racist, anti oppressive practice. They can be hired as a doula for any stage of the gestational or reproductive journey. They do local support, but virtual support across distance. Their services and details can be found through their website and social media.


Anna Balagtas (she/her) – Toronto, Ontario

Pocket Doula

Anna Balagtas is a queer Filipina full spectrum birth worker whose practice is rooted in radical care and reproductive justice. She supports birthing folks and families in birth, postpartum, abortion, miscarriage, and loss. She believes in providing gender affirming and trauma informed care for all folks in their reproductive journeys.

She takes care in understanding there is anti-racism work to be done in the world of birth and beyond and is committed to practice anti-racism measures in her work and unlearn internal prejudices and harmful biases. She will be your biggest advocate and make sure your voice is heard every step of the way. She’s your person. You’re important to her, and can’t wait to meet you.


AJ Silver (they/them) – Southend On Sea – Essex, England

The Queer Birth Club

The Queer Birth Club is the only UK based LGBT+ competency Course. Birth workers can come and learn how to do better by their LGBT+ service users and improve their own understand of the barriers that LGBT+ parents experience in a system designed for, and by the cis and heteronormativity. AJ also offers birth and postnatal doula services. Having trained with Abuela Doulas and Badass Doulas. AJ is also a probationary Breastfeeding Counsellor with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, as well as a Babywearing consultant qualified with The School Of Babywearing.


Lilli Wilkinson Chambers (they/them) – London, England


Lilli is a queer neuroemergent full spectrum doula based in South East London. They provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support throughout the full spectrum of pregnancy, abortion/pregnancy release, loss, birth and postnatal transition. They value advocacy, embodied knowledge, the power of movement and reflection. Their goal is for you to feel heard, honoured and informed.

They are in ongoing practice to provide trauma-informed, anti-oppressive and gender-expansive care for all birthing people, partner(s), solo parents and families. They recognise that each of our unique intersecting identities influences our experiences, needs and barriers to care. Lilli meets you as you are, as a whole human being with a past, present and future.


Pepa (ella/she/her) – Argentina

Doula y asesora en amamantamiento

I’m Pepa, I’m a Doula and a chestfeeding consultant. From my place, my mission is to promote reproductive justice, birth and optimal development of all children born or unborn, not only accompanying families and pregnant people but also through training and reflection for all childbirth workers. in an expansive, inclusive and multidisciplinary role. My work is focused on equal opportunities, on the reduction of damages by the hegemonic medical system, on equity and defense of human rights. I think it is necessary to radically reinvent the work regarding birth, I think it is necessary to root the idea of ​​community care for this sacred fact and I have the deep conviction that true change will occur if it is collectively. Visualize a free world, free of trauma, violence and disparity. A world where mutual aid and empathy are commonplace, where collectivism replaces individualism. A world where compassion is everywhere, in all people and is given “free of charge” to everyone. Gestar is a political act, being born is political, giving birth is political, breastfeeding is political. Through my work, I destigmatize the experiences, choices and results related to dating. I challenge injustice in healthcare spaces. I reconnect with the wisdom about ourselves, wisdom that the community and the planet have been lost and stolen over the generations. I vindicate human rights from the beginning: from birth.

Soy Pepa, soy Doula y asesora en lactancia humana. Desde mi lugar tengo como misión promover la justicia reproductiva, del nacimiento y del óptimo desarrollo de todes les niñes nacides o por nacer, no sólo acompañando a las familias y a las personas gestantes sino también mediante la capacitación y la reflexión a todas les trabajadores del parto en un rol expansivo, inclusivo y multidisciplinario. Mi trabajo está centrado en la igualdad de oportunidades, en la reducción de daños por parte del sistema médico hegemónico, en la equidad y defensa de los derechos humanos. Creo necesario reinventar radicalmente el trabajo en cuanto al nacimiento, creo necesario enraizar la idea del cuidado comunitario para este hecho sagrado y tengo la profunda convicción de que el verdadero cambio ocurrirá si es colectivamente.  Visualizar un mundo libre, libre de traumas, violencia y disparidad. Un mundo donde la ayuda mutua y la empatía sea moneda corriente, donde el colectivismo reemplace al individualismo. Un mundo donde la compasión este en todas partes, en todas las personas y se brinde ̈gratuitamente ̈ a todes. Gestar es un acto político, nacer es político, parir es político, amamantar es político. A través de mi trabajo, desestigmatizo las experiencias, elecciones y resultados relacionados a xaternar. Interpelo la injusticia en los espacios sanitarios. Reconecto con la sabiduría sobre nosotres mismes, sabiduría que la comunidad y el planeta se ha perdido y le han robado a lo largo de las generaciones. Reivindico los derechos humanos desde el principio: desde el Nacimiento.


Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen (they/them) – Toronto, Ontario

Somatic Practice

Mary-Dora (MD) is a non-binary birth worker, somatic movement educator and artist based on Tkaronto, Dish With One Spoon Traditional Territory. They are a first generation settler of Italian and Danish descent. They offer person-centered, full spectrum birth work. They support birthing folks, their families and partners during birth, postpartum and abortion.

They also offer movement education and holistic bodywork which includes body-oriented healing practices such as somatic movement, yoga, meditation, embodiment and sound healing. They offer workshops, classes and private sessions both in-person (once covid restrictions lift) and online (virtually over zoom). They work through a trauma-informed lens and offer sliding scale and payment plans for folks in need of this.

They are continually engaging in anti-oppressive practices and learning so that they can stay in right relationship with the history of the land that they live and work on as a beneficiary of the on-going violence that is the colonial project known as Canada. They prioritize serving the 2SLGBTQQI+ community, especially centering trans and non-binary folks through gender affirming care.


Fredrik Stillerud (he/him) – Falkenberg, Sweden

Den manliga doulan

Fredrik’s areas of focus are prenatal and postpartum partner support and doula services for queer and trans folx. He offers a non-judgmental space for non-pregnant partners of pregnant people where they can address thoughts, fears, and concerns surrounding the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, well as support for the duration of a pregnancy for people who are not cis.


rebekah turner green (she/they)

OuiBee Doula Arts

tuning into clients’ somatic-spiritual rhythming in order to co-create their sacred, sustainable space of becoming. working virtually and physically with any human devoted to their transformations; including those that identify as bipoc, lgbtqia, neuro-diverse, physically diverse, divergent and/or marginalized.


Deirdre Bain (she/they) – Ottawa, ON

Orchid Doula Services

Deirdre is a full spectrum doula, meaning that she provides individualized, trauma-informed doula care to pregnant people and their families throughout the perinatal period. Their guidance is available to families throughout fertility & conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, & abortion.

She chose a career as a doula because they believe it’s the best combination of their skills and interests, mobilized to nurture her community. In their work, she strives to create a trust & openness with her clients which allows them to see her as their friend, who’s also their personal guide in pregnancy, birth, & parenting.

Their goal with each client is to foster a sense of self-confidence. Together you’ll explore education & self-reflection, through which she’ll encourage you to articulate your wishes for your parenting journey.

Deirdre believes that by actively supporting bodily autonomy & informed choice, we can break cycles of trauma & make way for a society that puts mental health & body sovereignty first. They practice doula work in the hope that by supporting health for parents, they will impart health onto their children, which will in turn create a healthy society.


Isabelle Little (she/they) – Brighton, UK

Isa Birthwork

Isa is a queer, half-latine, full spectrum birthworker (antenatal, birth, postpartum, abortion & loss). Isa is also neurodivergent, and a survivor of SA. Originally from Michigan, Isa is now based in Brighton and London, UK. They first got into birth work from the abolitionist organising space and are passionate about the transformative power of reproductive justice in our communities. Their practice is grounded in advocacy, expansive understandings of family building, and providing trauma-informed, collaborative care.

Isa has an adaptive yet strong and grounded energy. They adore their work and the capacity to nourish community. She hopes you feel entirely seen, held, celebrated, and empowered in her care.


Beth Mens (she/they) – Toronto, ON

Transform Birth

Beth is a queer registered nurse, a postpartum support provider and a radical listener. They believe in the power of stories – your story in particular. She believes in your body, in your intuition, and in your voice. ​

They provide birth visioning (a counseling/planning session to discuss birth options and help you tune in and advocate), postpartum planning & counselling (support and therapeutic check-ins throughout the first year) & birth debriefs (a space for you to tell your story, to be heard and seen; often helpful after a traumatic or difficult birth).


Linda Jones (she/her) – Toronto, ON

Linda PNSW

Linda is a perinatal support worker (PNSW) who supports people during pregnancy, labour, birth, and up to one year postpartum. There is a lot of crossover with what doulas do, in terms of duties, but there are differences in training and scope of practice.


Zan Maeder (they/them) – Adelaide, Australia

Zan is a new doula based on Kaurna land (Adelaide, South Australia). They provide virtual and in person birth preparation, birth and labour support and post partum support. They are also a registered counsellor and provide birth debriefing and general counselling. They also run a monthly online support group for LGBTIQA+ pregnant and expecting folks.